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Shades of Grey Awards
Dates and Rules 
17th-Sep-2009 07:07 pm

Nominations—October 1-November 10

Judging/Voting—November 15-December 31

Winners announced—January 10


  1. You can nominate yourself or someone else.
  2. You must include all relevant information for your nomination to count. We aren't going to look for it for you.
  3. A fic can only be nominated in 3 categories.
  4. I don't want to limit the nominees per author but if you abuse the lack of limits we reserve the right to start declining and set a limit.
  5. You can only vote once in popular vote categories.
  6. WIPs are allowed, but only if they've been updated in the last 6 months.
  7. Just in case this isn't completely obvious, I have to have a link everyone can access for your nomination to count. F-locked posts or any site that requires a registration process to view fics can't be used.
  8. New!!! A fic can only be nominated once per category, this includes characterization. Pick one character that you think has the best characterization.
  9. New!!! Gen means the story is not about any particular pairing. A pairing can be in the background. I'm not saying that the story can't have any mention of a couple. But if it's about a couple it can't be in this category.
  10. New!!! Het and Slash categories are for fics that focus on a Het or Slash couple. As a general rule you cannot nominate a fic in both categories. Before everyone gets angry with me for this, there are exceptions. And if you think the fic you want to nominate is an exception, say so in your nomination and we will look at it. This means I will do one of two things: I may choose to ask the author OR I will ask a mod and a judge or two to look at the fic and make a determination. That decision is final. There is no appeal process. Yelling or complaining to me or a mod will not help...what it will more likely do is make me delete all of your nominations. I am not a patient person.
  11. New!!! We are spending entirely too much time trying to clarify misnominated fics or fics with missing information. We are all busy (as I'm sure you are). More often than not these mistakes are happening due to people nominating a lot of fics at once. We aren't doing it anymore. If we have to contact you (or the author) more than 3 times for a problem, we're deleting all the nominations you submitted in that batch. Occasional mistakes happen which is why we try to ask you to fix the problems but there is a limit to how much time we can devote to this. In other words, be sure you're nominating correctly.
  12. New!!! If you nominate a fic as Best Slash and we go to the link you give us and the pairing listed in the header is Spike/Willow, we're deleting the nomination. I don't care if there is a bit of Angel/Xander in there as well. If the author is listing the pairing as a het pairing we're assuming they know what they're fic is about.
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