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Shades of Grey Awards
17th-Sep-2009 07:16 pm
Nominate your Favorites

Nominations are Closed.

Due to the large number of nominees we've been receiving we have decided to limit each category to fifteen nominees. All nominations received as of 10/20 have been accepted though. Please check to make sure that a category is still open before nominating.

  • Make sure you read all the rules before nominating.
  • Please post only one nomination per comment. It'll make it easier for us to sort through them.
  • All comments are screened.
  • Please give us at least a week before asking if we received your nomination. We will try our best to keep up to date but we do all have other commitments as well.
  • Copy the form out of the box below and paste it into a comment. Please be sure to fill all the questions. We do not have the time to find relevant information for you.
  • Category choices are:
  1. Best Slash fic
  2. Best Het fic
  3. Best Gen fic—Best fic that does not focus on any pairing, het or slash.
  4. Best Fluff/Lighthearted fic
  5. Best Angst/Dark fic
  6. Best Characterization
  7. Best Drabble—Best 100 word drabble.
  8. Best Icon—nominees must meet the Live Journal user pic rules.
  9. Best Header/Banner
  10. Best Manip
  11. Best Site/Comm
  12. Favourite Het Author
  13. Favourite Slash Author
  14. Favourite Gen Author
  15. Favourite Overall Author—Best author of any type of fic.
  16. Best Vid
  17. Favourite Artist—Best graphics or vid artist.

8th-Oct-2009 03:40 am (UTC)
Is it okay to nominate a video if it's only viewable through the download link? Youtube police strikes again.
8th-Oct-2009 01:50 pm (UTC)
Okay, on this one. Just a download link can be a problem for voting since not everyone is willing to download. However, go ahead and nominate it, and just note in the nomination that it's a download link. I can ask the creator for permission to host the vid myself for the duration of the round (or permenantly if they'd like).
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