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Shades of Grey Awards
17th-Sep-2009 06:56 pm
  • Best overall fic—Best fic of any genre or length.
  • Best Slash fic--Focuses on a M/M or F/F pairing only. Cannot be nominated as a Het fic.
  • Best Het fic--Focuses on a M/F pairing only. Cannot be nominated as a Slash fic.
  • Best Gen fic—Best fic that does not focus on any pairing, het or slash.
  • Best Fluff/Lighthearted fic--Cannot be nominated as an Angst/Dark fic.
  • Best Angst/Dark fic--Cannot be nominated as a Fluff/Lighthearted fic.
  • Best Characterization--Be sure to tell us ONE character that you are choosing for characterization.
  • Best Drabble—Best 100-500 word drabble
  • Best Icon—nominees must meet the Live Journal user pic rules.
  • Best Header/Banner
  • Best Manip
  • Best Site/Comm
  • Favourite Het Author
  • Favourite Slash Author
  • Favourite Gen Author
  • Favourite Overall Author—Best author of any type of fic.
  • Best Vid
  • Favourite Artist—Best graphics or vid artist.
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